It is an observation tour in the forest where our guests will watch frogs, insects and microbacterias that produce light. We are particularly interested in amphibians since we consider them the thermometer of environment due to their susceptibility towards climate change and pollution. We do not manipulate neither introduce species from another places nor keep anything under captivity. Frog Concert is a fantasy name specially dedicated to encourage children to protect nature.


Imagine celebrating the most memorable day of your life in a dreamlike environment aboard our boat. Make your wedding day the most special and original experience you have lived.


You will visit Monterreal Reserve, 2.471 acres of virgin tropical rainforest with high flora and fauna biodiversity. During this visit you will enjoy bird watching, howling monkeys, wild animals , caves and waterfalls. In the afternoon you will visit a native Tsáchila community and learn about their culture, costumes, music and traditions.


Get ready to enjoy a full day of adventure and culture, starting at Monterreal Reserve where you will observe a virgin forest with 500 years old trees, howling monkeys, variety of birds and visit the waterfall and natural clay cave. In the afternoon you will visit a native Tsachila village, an ancestral ecuadorian ethnia. The name means “true people”, but the Spanish referred to them as “Colorados” which means “red”, a name chosen because the men of the tribe shave their hair off at the sides with the remaining hair sculpted with the use of a mixture of grease and red achiote sedes. Get to know this enigmatic tribe´s way of life and rituals


Consiste en un tour guiado a través del proceso de elaboración de chocolate desde el grano de cacao a la barra. Además, encontrarás productos hechos del mejor cacao orgánico nacional.


15 waterfalls of different heights and unique beauty. You can go hiking or take the cable car which shortens the distance giving you one of the most amazing views of Mindo’s rainforest.


Several cables with lengths ranging from 20 to 400 mts that will allow tourists of all ages to enjoy different sensations flying above the trees. Quality equipment and trained guides known worldwide will guarantee the visitors safety, fun and pure adrenaline.


Several rivers cross Mindo’s rainforest so their currents allow the visitors to enjoy many watersports and recreational activities. Tubing is one of the most famous and safe way to have a fantastic aquatic adventure.